Vol. 28, No. 1, June 2023

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24193/rm.2023.1

1 – Content

2 – Editorial

2 – “Robotics – History and Actuality” Workshop
Vela I., Joni N., Vela D.-G., Miclosina C.-O.

4 – Papers

4 – Mobile Robots on 4, 6 or 8 Wheels Adapted for Uneven Terrain
Antonescu O., Valeanu, D., Antonescu D., Strimbeanu M.

9 – Industrial Social Robots (SOBOTS) to Enhance Smart Production Systems
Brad S.

21 – RFID Technology in Production and Post Production for the Automotive Industry
Culda L.I., Muncut (Wisznovszky) E.S.

28 – Input-Output Feedback Linearization Associates with Linear Quadratic Regulator for Stabilization Control of Furuta Pendulum System
Le T.T.H.

36 – PID Control for Heating Oven by Matlab-Embedded Arduino
Nguyen T.A.V., Nguyen M.T., Nguyen D.K., Mai M.D., Thieu V.L., Ngo K.S., Pham V.S., Pham T.S., Pham M.H.

43 – Optimal Control of Pendubot System Using SIMATIC S7-1200
Nguyen V.D., Dang Q.D., Vo M.T., Tran M.D., Vo A.K., Nguyen T.B., Tran P.T., Le H.S.

53 – A Comparison of Control Schemes for Under-Actuated Pendubot System
Tran M.D., Pham L.T.H., Dang N.Q.D., Tran D.T.M., Nguyen M.K., Bui L.A., Nguyen Q.K., Vo M.T.

59 – Linear Control Schemes for Rotary Double Inverted Pendulum
Vo M.D., Nguyen V.D., Huynh D.H., Phan T.H.D., Nguyen T.N., Dinh N.A.K., Tran M.D., Vo M.T.

68 – The Need for Artificial Intellingence (AI) in Tourism Management
Popovici G.