Vol. 27, No. 1, June 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24193/rm.2022.1

1 – Content

2 – Editorial

2 – In Memoriam Prof. Dr. Eng. Corneliu Constantin Rădulescu (1946 – 2021)
Lovasz E.-C., Gruescu C.-M.

4 – Papers

4 – A Review Regarding Neurorehabilitation Technologies for Hand Motor Functions
Hamos J.A., Birouas I.F., Anton D.M., Tarca R.C.

9 – LQR Control for Double-Linked Rotary Inverted Pendulum: Simulation and Experiment
Huynh X.D., Nguyen V.D.H., Le T.H.L., Le T.T.H., Nguyen T.D., Nguyen D.T., Hoang D.B., Pham M.H.

14 – Development of a Prosthetic Hand with Adaptive Grip
Micle L.-M., Lovasz E.-C.

19 – Automation of the Process for Obtaining the Safety Panel Used on a Road Vehicle
Muncut E.S., Culda L.I.

23 – PID Controller for Balancing One-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot
Nguyen P.L., Nguyen V.D.H., Cu M.P., Nguyen M.Q., Trinh M.P., Hoang D.M., Pham M.H, Hoang D.B.

28 – On the Problem of Identification System, Controller Design, Real-Time Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Water Single Tank System
Tran T.K., Vo M.T., Tran M.D., Nguyen T.T., Nguyen V.D.H., Hoang T.K., Tran H.P, Bui V.T.

37 – Research on Robots Used in Surgical Applications
Tulcan E., Lovasz E.-C.

41 – Tribological Analysis of a Radial Plain Bearing
Vela D.-G., Vela I., Miclosina C.-O.

45 – Managing Electoral Behaviour. A Study on the Perception of Resita Voters
Dinu G., Dinu L.

49 – Good Governance and Sustainable Development – the New Paradigm
Pau C., Martin M., Văduva R.