Vol. 26, No. 2, December 2021

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24193/rm.2021.2

1 – Content

2 – Editorial

2 – Robotica & Management – A New Online Homepage
Miclosina C.-O.

3 – Papers

3 – A Method of Fuzzy Algorithm in Controlling Ball and Beam through Simulation and Experiment
Hoang T.T., Nguyen H.P.K., Nguyen T., Nguyen V.D.H., Le D.T.D., Trinh X.C., Nguyen N.P., Nguyen P.P.L.

9 – The Collaboration between Humans and Robots in the Industrial Environment
Ismaeel T., Siegfried P.

16 – Automated Unmapped Forest Path Navigation of Mobile Rover Using Neural Networks
Jovičić N.

22 – PID Control to Decrease Fluctuation of Load for Tower Crane
Nguyen M.T., Nguyen V.D.H., Pham X.H., Huynh N.T., Nguyen Q.H., Ly G.C.H., Nguyen T.B., Nguyen H.H.

28 – A Method of PD-Fuzzy Control for Acrobot
Nguyen V.D.H., Dang X.B., Lam M.N., Tran T.V., Hoang V.D., Dao T.T., Le X.T., Nguyen T.P.

35 – Studies and Research on the Locomotion of Mobile Robots Inspired by Biosystems
Pop C.V., Tătar M.O.

43 – Simulation Techniques of the ADAS Perception Sensors: Review
Turcian D., Dolga V.

49 – European Strategies and Objectives Specific to Educational Management
Pau C., Martin M.

53 – Study about the Management of Working from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Popovici G.