Vol. 26, No. 1, June 2021

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24193/rm.2021.1

1 – Content

2 – Editorials

2 – History of Robotics in Romania
Nitulescu M.

3 – Robots in Action – Professional Contest 2021
Patic P.C.

5 – Papers

5 – LQR Control for Five-Link Pendubot
Huynh X.D., Nguyen V.D.H., Doan V.K., Nguyen P.L., Vo T.T.T, Truong N.H., Nguyen T.Y.N.

9 – Friction Forces in Numerical Simulations of Kinematical Joints of Mechanical Systems
Miclosina C.-O., Cojocaru V., Vela D.-G.

13 – Design of the Cemented Doublet – Software Application
Oprean L.S., Gruescu C.-M.

17 – Designing and Testing a Mini Robot for Tracking a Welding Technological Path
Timofte S., Cîndea L.

22 – Becoming Entrepreneur in Romania: the Role of Entrepreneurship Education
Domilescu I.G., Tărăbîc A.A.

27 – Managerial Perspective on Ethical Culture in Organizations and Institutions
Pau C., Martin M., Ciurea J.

31 – Management of Processing Technology on Computerised Numerically Controlled Centres from Programming and Simulation to Operation
Popovici G.