Vol. 28, No. 2, December 2023

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24193/rm.2023.2

1 – Content

2 – Editorial

2 – Robots in Action – Professional Contest 2023
Patic P.C.

4 – Papers

4 – Processing and Analysis of the Data Obtained Using Photogrammetry for 3D Scanning
Bătrîna D.-Ş., Sticlaru C.

8 – A Robotized Bed for Bedridden Patients
Ceccarelli M., Russo M., Araque Isidro J., Chaparro-Rico B.D.M., Cafolla D.

14 – Applying DDPG Algorithm to Swing-up and Balance Control for a Double Inverted Pendulum on a Cart
Ho T.N., Tat T.S., Ngo H.A., Nguyen T.S., Bui D.A., Le T.T., Le V.L., Huynh L.T.

21 – A Comparison of Genetic Algorithms in Optimizing Controllers for Inverted Pendulum
Le T.T.D., Do T.A., Le Q.T., Tran V.C., Le V.T., Nguyen T.D., Tran H.D., Tran Q.T.

28 – A Survey of LQE and MPC Discrete-Control for Acrobot
Le T.T.D., Doan L.T.B., Vo H.A.T., Trinh H.L., Nguyen T.D., Tran Q.K., Tran H.V., Nguyen X.V.

33 – Application of Fuzzy-ANFIS Controller for Ball on Wheel System
Nguyen N.A., Huynh T.K., Ngo Q.T., Tran D.K., Lam V.H., Nguyen Q.T., Vo K.T., Huynh T.H.

38 – Ball Balancing on 3-RRS Parallel Manipulator Using PD and LQR Control
Pham H.H., Doan D.H., Vo H.N., Dang V.T., Nguyen H.Q.B., Le T.V., Truong T.T.Q., Tran T.D.

44 – Adaptive-PID Experimental STM32F4 Controller for Rotary Inverted Pendulum
Pham L.A.D., Tran V.Q., Nguyen T.T., Le M.H., Nguyen V.D., Le V.H., Pham T.T., Trinh T.D.

48 – Application of Genetic Algorithm in Optimizing LQR Control for Ball and Beam
Tran N.D.K., Nguyen M.Q., Le T.K., Bui D.K., Le T.V., Vo T.N.T., Nguyen T.T., Pham N.Q.B.

55 – Kinetostatics of a Robotic Prehension Device Driven by Shape Memory Alloy Elements
Vela D.-G., Vela I., Miclosina C.-O.

59 – Anthropomorphic Robot Factors and Shoppers’ Acceptance of Autonomous Service Robots in Shopping Mall Complexes in Lagos State, Nigeria
Akinbodun O.

65 – HoReCa Waste Management – A Case Study
Dinu L., Dinu G.

72 – Marketing Management of Leisure Tourism Services between Needs and Desires
Popovici G., Dinu G., Dinu L., Ciurea J.